The benefits of branding your vehicles

What is vehicle branding?

UK Government statistics found that 297.6 billion vehicle miles were driven on Great Britain’s roads in 2021. With all that time behind the wheel you’ve surely noticed a stylish van with a company logo on the side or the familiar sight of an Eddie Stobart lorry. Welcome to the world of vehicle branding.

Having a branded vehicle can help establish your brand’s presence, build your reputation and ensure that your brand is instantly recognisable. Once applied to your vehicle, you’re able to spread your brand name wherever you go whether you’ve got a fleet of vehicles parked outside of a job site or your simply on the commute into the office.

There are almost no limits with what you can do. You can go as simplistic or as complex as you want, from a simple company name to an intricately designed illustration covering the whole vehicle, the choice is yours.

Installation process

Toy Creative’s expert technicians are able to adapt to any challenge. If you want your existing branding transferred on to a vehicle, we can replicate it, print it on our high-quality vinyl and apply it quickly and efficiently. If you’re considering a complete re-brand, our design team can help create a new vision for your brand, something truly bespoke that captures the essence of your business.

Once the design process is completed, our technicians ensure the vehicle is clean and free of dirt or anything else which could potentially cause imperfections by using a cleaning solution. Following this, our technicians will measure up and ensure the branding is positioned correctly and finally, they will begin to apply each of the branding elements using our hard-wearing vinyl using precision tools to ensure a perfect finish.

Satisfied Customers:

Our expert team always makes sure our customers are happy:

Vehicle signage for busy builders

Cunningham Building Services asked the team at Toy Creative to help brand their fleet of commercial vans and vehicles. Using Cunningham’s existing logos and brand elements, the team designed a set of bold graphics to get their brand noticed.

We kept the messaging plain and simple and were able to accent the list of services and contact information the client requested with a bold cobalt highlight. The fleet of vehicles is sleek, professional and easily recognisable when the team are commuting or out on site.

Arctic truck signage

No job is too big for the Toy Creative team. We were recently tasked with rebranding an arctic lorry for a Buckinghamshire based landscaping business, Hortlands. The lorry presented some unique challenges as our team had to ensure that the fixings on the swing doors didn’t obscure any of our design work. With some careful planning and a bit of patience, the team were able to apply the graphics perfectly. We’ve also recently helped Hortlands brand their fleet of brand new vans.

That’s a wrap

If you think vehicle branding might help your business grow, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your needs and get a quote today. Get in touch here