Product launch and install

Xiaomi 11T Pro

As one of their flagship mobile devices, Xiaomi wanted their 11T Pro to get the exposure it deserved. We worked with the team to create a suite of layouts and graphics to decorate their key Westfield store. The brand had large presence in the area, with large format graphics, bespoke POS printing and a dynamic website to establish their online presence.

Xiaomi 11T large digital banner in Westfield store for campaign launch
Xiaomi 11T landscape campaign press advert
Xiaomi 11T large window graphic and phone renders
Xiaomi 11T Launch website design
Xiaomi 11T lightbox printed graphic design and installed
Xiaomi 11T printed banners and graphics
Xiaomi 11T printed retail phone tags and digital graphics
Xiaomi 11T Security banner cover designs and installed
Xiaomi Pad 5 landscape banner advert
More about this project

The Xiaomi 11T series is the latest in the companies smart phone innovative product ranges. With all new chipsets, powerful new technology and cutting-edge design, the Xiaomi team asked Toy Creative to help give them a voice in the London market.

We were involved from the ground up with this launch. We worked with the team to help in any facet that we could. From designing press ads and micro-sites through to large format lightbox graphics and signage installations. We helped them navigate the world of digital (and printed) media ad space and occupy as much of the landscape as possible.

For the design, we aligned with the brands overarching visual style. We kept things simple, with a goal to hero the sleek, modern aesthetics of the pieces themselves. This approach required a meticulous approach to the quality as white played such a large part in the direction of the graphics.

Print posed it’s own set of unique challenges for our production team. We created and printed a suite of custom cut security banner shrouds, printed 7 metre wide lightbox graphics and a variety of event collateral to commemorate the launch. To make sure the launch captured the maximum audience we covered 6-sheets, 48-sheets and other external media placements.

Footfall increased by over 15% during the launch, with a digital visitation increasing by over 200% during the launch period.

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