Website design

Tree & Hedge

We helped the Tree & Hedge team create a bespoke website that features the copious range of plants, trees and hedges. We crafted them something that represents the style of the brand and feels intuitive to visitors of the site.

Tree and Hedge landscaping website design for Iver based landscape firm
Tree and Hedge landscaping website design for Iver based landscape firm
Tree and Hedge landscaping website design for Iver based landscape firm

To really embrace the brands knowledge of all things green, we created a custom landing page that changes with each season. Each season is hand illustrated using a responsive framing element that keeps the site feeling current and interesting.

Winter illustration of Holly berries for website design landing page

Winter – Holly with berries

Autumn illustration of Liquid Amber for website design landing page

Autumn – Liquid Amber

Spring illustration of Cherry in blossom for website design landing page

Spring – Cherry in blossom

Summer illustration of Oak for website design landing page

Summer – Oak

More about this project

In the realm of landscaping, creating a digital presence that represents style and functionality is crucial. Our design studio was recently tasked with the creation of a new website for The Tree & Hedge Company. With a focus on showcasing their vast selection of trees and hedges, our goal was to design an elegant and user-friendly online platform that would inspire customers to transform their gardens into stunning natural havens.

To effectively capture The Tree & Hedge Company’s vision, our design team conducted in-depth research and consultations with key stakeholders. We delved into their brand identity, explored their offerings, and gained an understanding of their target audience. By immersing ourselves in their world, we developed insights into their passion for curating high-quality trees and hedges while providing exceptional customer service.

Building upon this understanding, we started on concept development. Our aim was to create a website that would not only showcase the company’s extensive selection but also provide a seamless browsing and purchasing experience for customers. We sought to strike a balance between style and functionality, ensuring that the website would become a digital oasis for landscaping enthusiasts.

The user interface was designed to be sleek, intuitive, and visually appealing. We employed a clean and modern design aesthetic, with ample white space to allow the products to shine. The navigation was carefully planned to provide easy access to the various tree and hedge categories, enabling users to effortlessly browse through the extensive selection and find their desired plants.

The heart of the website was dedicated to showcasing the wide array of trees and hedges available. Each product was presented with stunning, high-resolution images, accompanied by detailed descriptions, including height, maintenance requirements, and recommended usage. By providing comprehensive information, we empowered customers to make informed decisions and find the perfect green companions for their gardens. We streamlined the purchasing process, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for customers. A user-friendly shopping cart system was integrated, allowing users to add products, review their selections, and proceed to checkout effortlessly. Secure payment gateways were implemented to instill trust and confidence during the transaction process, facilitating a smooth and worry-free purchasing journey.

Recognising the desire of customers to envision their gardens’ transformation, we incorporated a dedicated section for inspiring garden designs. This section featured beautifully curated images of landscaped gardens, showcasing the trees and hedges in various settings to spark creativity and ideas. It served as a source of inspiration for customers, demonstrating the potential of The Tree & Hedge Company’s products to elevate outdoor spaces.

In the age of mobile browsing, it was essential to ensure that the website provided an optimal user experience across devices. We implemented a responsive design, adapting the layout and functionality to different screen sizes. This enabled users to access the website seamlessly on their smartphones and tablets, allowing them to browse, select, and purchase trees and hedges on the go.

Through meticulous planning, design expertise, and a commitment to creating a stylish and user-friendly online platform, our design studio successfully crafted a new website for The Tree & Hedge Company. The website showcases their extensive selection of trees and hedges, offering customers a seamless browsing and purchasing experience. By inspiring and empowering customers, the website becomes a digital oasis, encouraging them to transform their gardens into breathtaking natural retreats with the help of The Tree & Hedge Company’s exceptional offerings.