Signage and installation

The Foundry

We worked with the Foundry gyms to print and install all their new graphics and designs across 5 of their London gyms. We installed a suite of over 300 pieces of artwork that included full door wraps, 5 metre wall graphics and various bespoke installations that brought the new branding to life.

North Kensington Foundry gym rebrand window signage install
New window signage installed for the Foundry gyms in Richmond
Side view of the signage installed for the Foundry gym in Richmond
Old Street Foundry gym rebrand wall decal signage install
Richmond Foundry gym rebrand window signage install
More about this project

This project involved an installation of over 300 pieces of individually printed graphics. These range from inkjet prints and window vinyl, through to large format graphics and wall graphics. Some items were printed with lamination, to preserve the quality of the prints, others were printed on bespoke substrate and custom shaped material. We installed each graphic ourselves, using our team of installation experts attending each site individually so that the quality was maintained across the entire project.

As part of Foundry Gyms’ exciting rebranding initiative, our dedicated team was entrusted with the task of installing window graphics, printed vinyl, and decals across their gym locations in Old Street, North Kensington, Richmond, Bank, and Vauxhall. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering impactful results, we embarked on a mission to transform these spaces and bring Foundry Gyms’ new brand identity to life.

To ensure a seamless integration of the new brand identity, our team thoroughly familiarised themselves with Foundry Gyms’ branding guidelines and design elements. We analyzed their brand guidelines, colour schemes, and typography choices to ensure consistency and alignment with the desired aesthetic across all locations.

Before commencing the installation, our team conducted site assessments at each gym location. We carefully examined the available window spaces, considering factors such as size, shape, and visibility. This enabled us to plan the positioning and sizing of the window graphics, printed vinyl, and decals for maximum impact and optimal visual appeal.

Working closely with Foundry Gyms’ design team, we adapted the brand elements and graphics to suit the specific requirements of each gym location. This involved tailoring the designs to fit various window sizes and shapes, while maintaining the integrity of the brand identity. Our aim was to create a cohesive and visually striking experience that seamlessly integrated with the existing architectural elements of each space.

Armed with precision-cut vinyl, specialised tools, and an experienced installation team, we began the process of transforming the gym spaces. With meticulous attention to detail, we meticulously positioned and applied window graphics, vinyl, and decals. Our skilled installers ensured a smooth and bubble-free application, resulting in a professional finish that enhanced the overall aesthetic of each gym.

The installation of window graphics, printed vinyl, and decals played a pivotal role in bringing Foundry Gyms’ new brand identity to life. By strategically placing vibrant visuals and brand elements, we created eye-catching displays that drew attention and piqued curiosity. The striking combination of the brand’s typography, colour palette, and imagery served to communicate the energy, strength, and inclusivity that Foundry Gyms stands for.

Through our installations at the Old Street, North Kensington, Richmond, Bank, and Vauxhall locations, we enhanced Foundry Gyms’ brand visibility and recognition. The window graphics acted as compelling invitations, attracting passersby and creating a sense of intrigue about the gym’s offerings. The vinyl and decals inside the gyms reinforced the brand identity, promoting a cohesive and immersive experience for members and visitors.

Through careful planning, meticulous execution, and a commitment to bringing Foundry Gyms’ rebrand to life, our team successfully installed window graphics, printed vinyl, and decals across multiple locations. The integration of these visual elements seamlessly blended with the architectural features of each gym, enhancing the brand’s visibility and creating an immersive experience for visitors. The installation process marked an important milestone in Foundry Gyms’ rebranding journey, transforming their spaces into vibrant and captivating environments that reflect their dynamic identity.

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