Brand Identity, website and launch

The Coach House

A curious new brand identity for an exciting new pub. Sink into a comfy chair, pour a glass of red and discover the perfect place for some delicious nosh and a good old natter.

Master brand lauch for The Coach House
An introduction to the rebrand created for The Coach House

The Coach House pub and restaurant in Wooburn Green is proud to cook up good times with cracked up pub classics. The team needed a new brand identity, logo design and visual system to represent their quirky pub and delicious food. Based in the greener pastures of high Wycombe, we were tasked with taking their personality and charm, and turning it into something that feels in keeping with the area whilst celebrating the pubs own individual character.

Various logos and brand illustrations created for The Coach House
Box packaging design and food safe branding created for a pub brand
Examples of brand messaging and tone of voice for a pub rebrand
Printed pub signage and graphics designed for the launch of a pub brand and logo
Raised lettering signage created and installed for the rebrand of a pub and restaurant
A tent card and beer coasters designed and printed for the new pub rebrand
Wall vinyl graphics and frosted windows designed and installed as part of a pub rebrand
More about this project

The coach house is owned and run by Ben and Krystel, owners and head chef of the Home Roots brand. We worked closely with them recently to relaunch this brand, which meant the brand identity for their pub in Wooburn Green needed to feel part of this overarching brand. Exciting colour-contrasting paved the way for the colour theory in this project, but we wanted to explore the idea that the Home Roots brand represents. Their vision is to create British classics with their unique and exciting twists. We started by exploring how this twist could come to life with pub aesthetics.

The area of Wooburn Green is very much idyllic. It has a big community and any introduction to new brand identities would need to be considerate. The pub itself however, is full of character. Low ceilings, crackling fireplaces, and a vintage-meets-modern makes you feel at home. What we love most about the Home Roots brand is that they offer food that is anything but mild and subdued. They offer zingy flavours and a fantastic range of food options that feel both modern and very different. This became the area we wanted to explore most for the brands visual style.

The idea behind this branding is Victorian gentlefolk meeting all calibre of eccentric patrons. The artistic style of creative and quirky, animal characters mixed with the Victorian counterparts create a curious combination, and establish the brand immediately as somewhere exciting to visit. We combined the traditional stylings of a serif, engraved font with the exciting colour combinations of the brand’s existing pallet to create layouts that feel, balanced and interesting. To help layouts come to life we introduced an actual newspaper texture from the local newspaper and collected a large library of unique illustrations that the brand can use to define themselves going forward.

What’s the creative part had been embraced, it was time to bring the branding to life with entire suite of creative signage, installations. The signage installed on this pub was very mixed, everything from raised lettering on the front of the pub, too long, lasting brick rap, final Adorning the side. Carefully installed frosted graphics brought their window spaces to life and around things off. We created them a website that feels like no other.