Branding and packaging design

Rouse Farm

Nestled on the edge of London at the edge of Hayes sits the picturesque grounds of Rouse Farm. Offering scenic views, superb agriculture and incredible free range food products, the family run luxury venue needed a suitable brand identity and idea that represented them. We created a hallmark icon and contemporary packaging design to tell their story.

Rouse Farm logo design and strapline
Rouse Farm business card designs as part of their new brand identity
Rouse Farm van signage
Rouse Farm printed area map design
Rouse Farm printed area map design close up
Rouse Farm icon design style
Rouse Farm honey jar packaging design
Rouse Farm chicken food packaging designs
Rouse Farm food packaging designs
Rouse Farm beef food packaging designs
Rouse Farm food packaging label designs
More about this project

Toy Creative worked with the team at Rouse Farm to create a bold, chic new logo and visual approach. The identity needed to represent their quality throughout all their assets, but there were a few things to consider.

The farm is an agricultural marvel. It hosts a range of well-bred pedigree livestock, incredible farmland and a main resort boasting breathtaking views. Toy Creative worked with the team to discover their emotional advantage. The team work tireless to uphold the two elements of the company. A strategically placed wedding-ready location (Hayes being the outskirts of London) and the food production side.

The location side was maintained through clear, simple use of signage. Single like animal icons keep wayfinding fun and add an extra layer of chic to the designs. Food packaging wise we kept the visual direction simple, with a focus on photography from their kitchens on-site and a consistent British tone of voice.

The logomark is a visual representation of the two sides of the business, back-to-back. The two toned colour hues keep layouts consistent and elegant, whilst the use of Portrait Inline continued the idea of two elements working together in every use of the typography.

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