Campaign launch and roll out


To help roll out the latest in the Redmi Note line, we worked with Xiaomi to deliver their campaign across London. The campaign featured a range of digital, print, micro-sites and merchandise to ensure great exposure and versatility of the campaign elements. Big, bold colours coupled with dynamic layouts and deliverables kept this eye-catching campaign out in front.

Redmi Note 11 pro launch key visuals
Redmi Note 11 landscape purple advertising print
Redmi Note 11 landscape red advertising print
Printed banners and pavement signs with the new Redmi note 11 advertising
Redmi Note 11 westfield display advert
Redmi Note 11 bus stop advert print and phone talkers

Aside from the launch messaging, we also utilised the promotional messaging to vary the communication.

Design for the core visual of all the Redmi Note 11 phones
Redmi Note 11 large lightbox graphic print
Printed offers to annouce the deals on the Redmi Note 11
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