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Defining a salon brand through brand development and studio space transformation through high-end signage.

OREA Salon master logo design
OREA Salon brand wall and colour palette
OREA Salon layouts and advertising
OREA Salon outdoor wall sign and graphics

At OREA, the transformation of the stylish salon in Bicester, Oxford was nothing short of a visual and experiential revolution. Our rebranding initiative breathed new life into the establishment, seamlessly merging sophistication with modernity. Drawing inspiration from soft pastel hues, we crafted a vibrant and inviting identity that encapsulates OREA’s commitment to style and beauty. The fusion of contemporary design elements and a fresh colour palette not only revitalised the salon’s aesthetic but also created an exciting atmosphere for clients.

This makeover has not only elevated OREA’s presence in Bicester but also positioned it as a trendsetter in the beauty industry, inviting patrons into a world where style meets innovation.

OREA Salon front door signage
OREA Salon reception desk signage and acrylic wall
OREA Salon reception area interior design and graphics
OREA Salon waiting area design and style as part of the rebrand
OREA Salon acrylic signs, design and decor as part of the new rebrand
OREA Salon beauty room signage and wall graphics
OREA Salon waiting area redesign
OREA Salon treatment rool acrylic plaques
OREA Salon wall graphic in treatment room at new salon
OREA Salon wall graphic in treatment room at new clinic
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In the heart of Bicester, Oxford, the transformation of the stylish salon, OREA, was not just a rebranding endeavour; it was a meticulous process of reinvention aimed at creating an unforgettable and unique identity. Our mission was to seamlessly blend sophistication with modernity, capturing the essence of OREA’s commitment to timeless beauty. The journey began with a comprehensive analysis of the salon’s existing brand elements, identifying key strengths and areas for enhancement.

Understanding the need for a fresh and vibrant visual identity, we embarked on a creative exploration inspired by pastel influences. Pastels, with their soft and harmonious tones, were chosen to infuse a sense of warmth, approachability, and modernity into the brand. This choice resonated with OREA’s vision of providing not just a service but a holistic experience for clients.

The logo, a pivotal aspect of any brand identity, underwent a significant evolution. We aimed to create a symbol that encapsulated the spirit of OREA – a fusion of elegance and contemporary flair. The result was a sophisticated yet playful design, harmonizing geometric shapes with fluid lines, all bathed in a soothing pastel palette. This logo became the cornerstone of OREA’s new identity, a visual representation of the salon’s commitment to style and innovation.

To bring this vision to life within the physical space of the salon’s new clinic, we employed a comprehensive range of signage solutions. Exterior signage was strategically designed to catch the eye, ensuring that OREA would stand out amidst the bustling streets of Bicester. The use of backlit signs with the signature pastel hues created a warm and inviting glow, setting the tone for the unique experience awaiting clients inside.

Upon entering the salon, clients were greeted by a carefully curated interior that seamlessly incorporated the pastel palette into the decor. From the reception area to the styling stations, every element was a testament to OREA’s dedication to providing a chic and welcoming environment. Large-scale wall graphics featuring subtle pastel patterns added a touch of whimsy, while maintaining an air of sophistication.

As part of the rebranding, we introduced a range of exclusive services and treatments, each with its own distinct pastel-themed branding. This not only enhanced the overall aesthetic but also allowed OREA to showcase its diverse offerings in a visually cohesive manner. From coloured treatment brochures to signage highlighting featured services, every touchpoint reinforced the salon’s commitment to individualised and trendsetting beauty experiences.

To ensure that the salon felt truly unique, we implemented custom signage throughout the space. Each stylist station featured personalised signs with the stylist’s name and a matching pastel color, fostering a sense of connection between the client and their stylist. Additionally, interactive signage was strategically placed to highlight ongoing promotions and showcase the latest trends, inviting clients to explore and engage with the salon’s dynamic offerings.

The rebranding of OREA’s stylish salon in Bicester, Oxford, was not merely a visual overhaul but a comprehensive experience redesign. The pastel-influenced branding, from the logo to the interior decor and custom signage, has successfully positioned OREA as a beacon of style and innovation in the beauty industry. The salon now stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic rebranding, where creativity and identity converge to redefine the very essence of beauty and style.