Logo & Brand Identity

Hole 19 Golf Club

Hole 19 is a premium venue and picturesque golf club that tasked us with helping them create new branding their golf course with a a new logo design for their course in Uxbridge. We worked closely with the team to rebrand the club into something that represents their quality and offering. The brand are proud of their local support and have a great voice in the local community. They needed something that resonated with the existing following, but helped establish the course as offering more than just golf. The resort offers fine dining, stunning views coupled with a fantastic venue.

Golfing logo created as part of Hole19 rebranding
Hole 19 logomark design
Hole 19 leaflets and engraved golf clubs

The venue is seen as one of the best golfing clubs in the region. The identity and logo we created needed to emphasise this and modernise the brand at the same time. We wanted to create something really unique to them, something that felt like it embraced both their existing name and the primary appeal of the club, golfing. By creating a logo that champions the 19, we created a brand and logo that’s as timeless as it is unique. See more of our branding work here. See more of what the guys at Hole 19 are up to here (they’re updating their site as we speak!).

Printed golfing leaflets as part of their rebrand
Printed golf caddy cards leaflets and forms as part of a rebrand
Printed coffee cups and course signage for a golf rebrand
Formal letterheads and stationary designed as part of a golfing rebrand
Door handle talkers designed and printed for golf course rebrand
Signage and promotional messaging for a golf course rebrand
More about this project

Toy Create designed a bold visual identity for the Hole 19 golf course in Uxbridge. The logo uses details of topography and the core flag element to hero their 19th number found in their name.

Hole 19 wanted to elevate their course offering and make the branding more reflective of their premium offering and escape in Uxbridge. They needed a strategic logo and brand that captures the golfing world, along with the modernity of the course itself.

Hole 19’s new logo found it’s home across the entire suite of applications. We created the logo itself, then helped it roll out into various printed documentation for the course information itself, printed menu’s for their premium culinary options, right the way through to site signage and course directions. The challenge with this project was to maintain a consistent brand tone of voice and emotion through the courses various touchpoints. Working with the team to create the language and design, we needed to reflect both a fluent golfing tone and the elegance that the course now embraces.

Check out everything the brand are doing here and see more of what we’ve done here.