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Kohda Living

New branding and packaging design for a revolutionary silver-lined kitchen towel

Kohda Living master logo created by Toy Creative
Packaging design for new kitchen towel brand called Kohda Living

By using structured guides, we organised the towel packaging design elements ensuring a seamless design that conveyed the product’s essence effectively. Clean typography played a pivotal role, enhancing readability and imbuing the packaging with a modern and simple style perfect for the brand.

Packaging designs for new kitchen towel brand called Kohda Living
Packaging for new kitchen towel brand called Kohda Living insitu
Lifestyle photography for new kitchen towel brand called Kohda Living taken by Toy Creative
New kitchen towels photograhed for Kohda Living taken by Toy Creative
Lifestyle photographs taken for new kitchen towel brand called Kohda Living taken by Toy Creative
Lifestyle photograph of new grey kitchen towel brand called Kohda Living taken by Toy Creative
A collection of Amazon listing images created for the new packaging for Kohda Living kitchen towels
More about this project

When Kohda Living approached us to develop a packaging design for their new range of kitchen towels, we embraced the challenge. Our goal was to create a visually captivating and informative packaging that would effectively communicate the unique selling points of the product: silver-lined for odour-absorption, hand-stitched quality, and environmentally-friendly (being plastic-free). Through a structured approach, clean typography, and captivating visuals, we crafted a cohesive branding strategy that extended across the towel packaging, product photography, and advertising tiles for their Australian Amazon store page.

We began the project by understanding Kohda Living’s brand values and target audience. The essence of simplicity, cleanliness, and style became the foundation of our creative direction. We crafted a brand identity that reflected these values while highlighting the product’s standout features: silver-lined technology for odour-absorption, hand-stitched craftsmanship, and eco-consciousness.

For the kitchen towel packaging, we opted for a minimalist yet striking design. The front panel featured an eye-catching image of the towels alongside a silver-embossed motif, reinforcing the odour-absorbing property. Clean typography presented the product’s name and key benefits in a legible and visually appealing manner. Bold, minimal use of colours were used to evoke a sense of cleanliness, while eco-friendly icons conveyed the plastic-free nature of the product. The back panel provided more in-depth product information, washing instructions, and genuine brand TOV to forge an emotional connection with consumers.

To showcase the kitchen towels, we conducted a professional photoshoot in both product listing and lifestyle formats. Clean and bright backgrounds accentuated the towels’ design, while the lifestyle shots depicted them in real-life kitchen settings, adding relatability and appeal. The images were carefully edited to ensure consistency with the brand’s aesthetic and to maintain a cohesive visual identity across all marketing materials.

To maximise Kohda Living’s visibility on their Australian Amazon store page, we designed engaging advertising tiles. These tiles utilized the brand’s key colours, typography, and visuals to create an attractive and cohesive storefront. Each tile focused on the towels numerous selling points. These tiles not only enhanced the brand’s professional image but also improved the product’s discoverability on the online marketplace.

Throughout the design process, we made sure that the branding and messaging consistently communicated the product’s unique selling points. The use of silver-lined technology for odour-absorption was highlighted as a practical solution for kitchen hygiene. The mention of hand-stitched quality added a touch of luxury and craftsmanship to the product. Emphasising the plastic-free aspect appealed to environmentally-conscious consumers, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable products.

Through a well-structured approach, clean typography, and captivating visuals, we successfully created a simple, clean, and stylish packaging design for Kohda Living’s new range of kitchen towels. The branding and messaging effectively conveyed the product’s unique selling points, enabling consumers to make informed choices while resonating with the brand’s values. The product listing and lifestyle photography, along with the advertising tiles, contributed to an engaging and consistent brand presence on their Australian Amazon store page. Ultimately, the packaging design became a crucial factor in driving sales and establishing Kohda Living as a reputable brand in the kitchenware market.

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