Logo & brand identity

Knead Neapolitan Pizza

A new delicious identity for this artisan, sustainable, and cheesy pizza in Maidenhead.

Knead pizza brand master logo rebrand
Knead colour combinations for new rebrand
Man eating pizza to show how new logo was created

The “special K” was created to resemble the open mouth of an eager pizza-eater. It’s a subtle element that we’ve used to interact with the other characters of the word, making it look like the words being eaten.

Brand colours illustrations and logo versions as part of the rebrand
Knead Brand guidelines created by Toy Creative
Different colour and branded printed pizza boxes for the brands new logo
New t-shirt and pizza delivery bags as part of the new rebrand
The new Knead logo with their fresh neapolitan pizza on top
Sandwich truck rebranded to feature the new logo
Pizzeria menu design uniform by Toy Creative
Examples of social media design as part of Kneads new rebrand
New restaurant signage installed for the Knead rebrand
More about this project

If you’ve never had a Knead pizza, you’ve never experienced true pizza passion. Founded on a simple idea of honest, ethical ingredients and responsible sourcing the team are true pioneers in the pizza world. We worked with them to redesign their existing logo and develop a brand identity that aligned with their dough-focused power.

We wanted to create a logo that felt genuinely felt doughy. We wanted their energy, excitement and individuality to come across from the moment you see their signature pizza trucks. To create the design, we experimented with a number of creative methods. Various ruling pens, calligraphy brushes and other hand-written styles to draw the word itself, before settling on a method that had the right balance of characters. The ‘K’ in the logo has been placed carefully to resemble an open mouth, poised ready to eat the rest of the word.

Knead are a planet-positive pizza company. They’re passionate about what they do, and we needed to create an identity that represented this devotion to their craft. Working with our calligrapher, we created a bespoke, handmade logo that is full of character and has playful notes of the dough the team have perfected. We coupled this with the geometric style of the Futura font family.

Having a logo with such an individual design gave the brand a powerful hallmark that’s easily identifiable at both small and large sizes. When it’s used large and boldly, the variation in the elements of each character creates patterns that catch the eye and stand out at a distance.

The new identity was created around the process of making pizza. The colour palette takes it’s hues from the rustic colours of Neapolitan Italy, using terracotta, stone and olive as influences. We coupled these colours with other elements inspired by the ritual of making dough, and the character of the ingredients used. We created a texture graphic to add dynamic layers to branded layouts. Toy Creative also designed suite of bespoke illustrations that reflected the drizzle of the oil. Thin and thick strokes kept the illustrations feeling handmade, and their simple structure allowed them to be used in variety in layouts.

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