Branding and design


Creating an exciting new logo and brand identity for this Windsor based Sushi Company.

Intokusan logo design created by Toy Creative
Sushi packaging design for Intokusan take away food orders
Brand elements and toolkit for Intokusan sushi rebrand by Toy Creative
Sushi takeaway box and japanese packaging created and designed for Intokusan by Toy Creative

Intokusan offer Sushi in style. Providing a fantastic balance of show-stopping design and authentic Japanese flavours, the team needed a new visual identity to help drive their cuisine to the public. We worked with them to understand the complexities and tradition involved in delivering sushi and how they do things different. They needed a logomark that represented their devotion to this art and the craft behind it.

Chopstick packaging and bag design for Intokusan rebrand by Toy Creative
Menu design for sushi rebrand at Intokusan by Toy Creative
New Intokusan logo design with colour combinations created by Toy Creative
Colour hierarchy and breakdowns for redesign of branding for Intokusan Toy Creative

We couldn’t be happier with the results. A superb, bespoke calligraphic logo coupled with the delicate and exciting artform of Animé illustrations help showcase their energy with the food at the forefront. The brand needed to feel appealing to a younger audience, promote a social positioning and help celebrate their passion for the food itself. By establishing a respectful appreciation of the arts, the brand has all the ambition to help promote local artists alongside the community following that sushi brings with it.

Business cards and in store branded items for the launch of the new sushi brand Intokusan by Toy Creative
Cardboard takeaway packaging for Intokusan rebrand by Toy Creative
Poster designs for Intokusan using brand elements and anime visuals as part of the rebrand by Toy Creative
More about this project

We recently embarked on an exciting rebrand for “Intokusan,” an innovative new sushi restaurant in Windsor. Our objective was to blend the rich tradition of Japanese culture with a contemporary flair, mirroring the dynamic and vibrant culinary experience Intokusan offers. This rebrand aimed to create a visual identity that is both authentic and captivating, resonating with a diverse audience.

At the heart of this rebranding effort is a bespoke calligraphic logo. This logo was meticulously crafted to embody the elegance and precision of traditional Japanese calligraphy. The fluid and graceful strokes of the logo not only reflect the artistry and skill involved in sushi-making but also evoke a sense of heritage and sophistication. The calligraphic style serves as a visual signature for Intokusan, making it instantly recognizable and imbued with cultural significance.

Complementing the refined logo, we introduced a unique visual identity that leverages anime illustrations. These illustrations are lively, colorful, and full of character, celebrating the culinary delights and vibrant atmosphere of the restaurant. Each illustration tells a unique story, from the journey of fresh ingredients to the creation of exquisite sushi dishes, to scenes of joyful dining experiences. The anime art style adds a playful and contemporary twist, appealing to both anime enthusiasts and a broader audience who appreciate fun and creativity.

The integration of anime illustrations into the restaurant’s visual identity serves multiple purposes. It enhances the dining experience by providing an engaging and visually stimulating environment. The illustrations also create a sense of anticipation and excitement, inviting customers to immerse themselves in the world of Intokusan. This artistic approach sets the restaurant apart, offering a distinctive and memorable brand experience.

In addition to the logo and illustrations, we extended the visual identity across various touchpoints, including menus, signage, packaging, and digital presence. Each element was thoughtfully designed to ensure consistency and cohesiveness, reinforcing the brand’s unique character and story.

By combining traditional calligraphy with contemporary anime art, we created a visual identity for Intokusan that is both culturally rich and refreshingly modern. This rebrand positions Intokusan as a standout destination in Windsor, promising an unforgettable dining adventure that delights the senses and captivates the imagination. With its unique blend of tradition and innovation, Intokusan is set to become a beloved spot for sushi lovers and culinary explorers alike.