Logo & brand identity


Hortlands set the bar in landscaping and garden maintenance. We helped create a brand logo and emblem that represented their calibre of work and family-centric business model. We created a modern, bespoke emblem and logomark that represented both their four brand pillars, but also identified with the industry they succeed in.

Hortlands master logo design
Hortlands printed merchandise and branded printed items
Hortlands landscaping and garden design illustration
Hortlands branded items and printed elements as part of their brand identity
Hortlands master emblem logo design
Hortlands branded drawstring bag
Hortlands master brand pattern
Hortlands branded vehicles featuring their new logo and signage
Hortlands embroidered uniform and branded clothing
Hortlands recruitment social media messaging
Large printed brand illustration as part of Hortlands rebrand
Hortlands arctic truck branding and signage installation
More about this project

Toy Creative have created a new brand identity for Hortlands, a pioneering landscapers and grounds maintenance firm that offers complete transformations for gardens both big and small.

Ben and the team tasked us with helping them create a fresh new identity and logo to represent the new direction and the momentum the company was about to embrace.

The new brand strategy and visual identity needed to reflect Hortlands focus on quality and their level of detail that sets them apart from other landscapers in their London and Cotswold area of coverage. Their work a large part of what defined this approach, so we set to work creating a symbol of quality and an emblem they could stand proudly behind.

Hortlands unique point of difference is that they take a personal interest into any project they undertake. Big, small, corporate or personal, the team have a vested interest in making sure that they provide the best tailored approach possible. They have no off-the-shelf solutions, each project gets their undivided oversight and professional experience.

The identity developed by Toy Creative is based entirely around the emblem. The emblem holds a host of both internal and forward facing design considerations that make the simple icon represent so much more. At the heart of the icon, a hidden ‘H’. The start of the brand’s new name and the foundation of the construction. The four petals that form the walls of the ‘H’ have been crafted to resemble both flower elements, and shovel heads… The gardeners essential tool. Deeper than this (on a more strategic level) the four petals represent the brands four core pillars of their ethos: exceptional quality, utmost integrity, close relationships and proven expertise.

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