Logo & brand identity

Home Roots

Home Roots offer home cooked classics with a twist. We worked closely with the team to rebrand their catering service to help emphasise their love of food. We created a logo and brand identity that really celebrates the value of simple, bold flavours. Something that embodied tradition, whilst embracing the punch and energy of a modern brand. We helped roll out the brand across printed merchandise, a fresh new website and signage for all their placements in and around Buckinghamshire.

HomeRoots new logo rebrand
Food illustrations for the Home Roots branding
A collection of food and brand related stickers for the Home Roots brand
A selection of branded items to promote the new Home Roots rebrand
Food packaging design and branded t-shirts for food rebrand
Food truck decorated with the home roots rebranding
Traditional home cooking with a twist food illustrations in brand colours
Food packaging and brand illustration created for the rebrand
Food advert created for the Home Roots rebrand
More about this project

Toy Creative has created a fresh new brand identity for the team at Home Roots. Home Roots cook up a range of fantastic classic British meals with a modern twist.

Home Roots approached Toy Creative to help them create an instantly recognisable identity for its authentic and flavour-focused catering service. They tasked us with the challenge of telling their story in an engaging way. It’s a story of honest cooking, professionally backed and family run. It’s a story close to us as a company and we embraced the brief with both hands.

Starting with the name itself, Home Roots is steeped in tradition. The pride themselves on always offering a classic menu, offering incredibly well made meals from a humble kitchen. Beef stews, Roasted Chicken, sausages and mash, all made with heart and passion. As their team grew, so did their love for their ingredients. This encouraged them to maintain a responsible list of suppliers regardless of their size.

The only thing that’s changed in their journey is the way they prepare their food. Offering food that’s both available at a restaurant and as a delivery service meant that certain recipes needed a tweak. A dash of something extra to keep the palettes fresh and the flavour full. This twist came in the form of a zing of lemon, a pinch of paprika or even a charcoal infused bun on their burgers. This twist is where we started their redesign.

The new identity embraces this position entirely. The new colours area a celebration of colours, all inspired by warm cooking and the energy of the kitchen. The typography is unique and rustic, it’s a bit rough, a bit ready and very rustic. Finally the logo itself takes hues from the retro hues found in Ballington.

Everything about the new identity is created to feel equal parts nostalgic, comforting and exciting. It’s what the Home Roots story represents.

Once we’d cracked the identity, all we needed to do was bring it to life. Their vision has grown and grown, and it’s been a pleasure to ride the wave with the team. We’ve helped bring the brand to life with a suite of items. Branded greaseproof papers, stylish new uniforms, a fun and engaging new website and tonnes of other cohesive branded items to boot.

Check out everything the brand are doing here and see more of what we’ve done here.