Branding, design and signage

Halo Aesthetics

Effective and bold transformation of this High Wycombe based studio space with premium signage and bespoke graphics.

Halo Aesthetics Master logomark
Artistry in Aesthetics wall vinyl decal
Halo Aesthetics logomark raised lettering logo
Halo Aesthetics front door frosting decals
Halo Aesthetics reception area signage and printed brand pieces
Dibi Milano wall printed wall graphic sign logo
Halo Aesthetics window frosted graphics

Their new branding extended seamlessly into the clinic’s physical space, where innovative signage solutions adorned the exterior, creating a captivating facade in the heart of Milton Keynes. The interior design reflected a chic and inviting atmosphere, with personalised treatment room signage and interactive displays accentuating the clinic’s commitment to personalised and avant-garde beauty experiences. This comprehensive rebranding effort has not only revitalised Halo Aesthetics’ image but has also positioned the clinic as a beacon of innovation and elegance in the aesthetics industry.

Halo Aesthetics secondary logo
Halo Aesthetics clinic acrylic plaques
Halo Aesthetics Wall graphics and door plaque
More about this project

Our mission was to seamlessly fuse sophistication with modernity, encapsulating the very essence of Halo Aesthetics’ commitment to timeless beauty and holistic well-being. The journey commenced with a thorough examination of the clinic’s existing brand elements, identifying inherent strengths and areas primed for refinement.

Understanding the imperative of a fresh and dynamic visual identity, our creative journey drew inspiration from contemporary aesthetics. The objective was to convey an image of modernity, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to the comprehensive well-being of clients. After meticulous consideration, a sleek and versatile color palette was chosen, reflective of the clinic’s commitment to cutting-edge beauty solutions.

The logo, a pivotal facet of any brand identity, underwent a transformative metamorphosis. The goal was to create a symbol that resonated with the core ethos of Halo Aesthetics – a seamless blend of elegance and forward-thinking wellness. The outcome was a sophisticated, minimalist design, harmonizing sleek typography with an emblematic symbol, all infused with the chosen color palette. This logo became the visual anchor of Halo Aesthetics’ new identity, symbolizing the clinic’s dedication to transformative beauty and rejuvenation.

To breathe life into this vision within the physical space of the clinic’s new location in Milton Keynes, we engaged an extensive repertoire of signage solutions. External signage was meticulously crafted to captivate attention, ensuring Halo Aesthetics would stand out amidst the dynamic landscape of the city. The use of contemporary materials and innovative lighting techniques resulted in a visually striking facade, setting the stage for the unique experience awaiting clients within.

Upon entering the clinic, clients were enveloped in a carefully designed interior that seamlessly integrated the chosen color palette into the decor. From the welcoming reception area to the intimate treatment rooms, each element was curated to reflect Halo Aesthetics’ commitment to providing a chic and inviting environment. Large-scale wall graphics, featuring abstract representations of beauty and wellness, added a touch of artistry, reinforcing the clinic’s holistic approach to aesthetics.

As part of the comprehensive rebranding strategy, we introduced a curated selection of exclusive services and treatments, each with its own distinct branding harmonized with the clinic’s overarching aesthetic. This not only elevated the overall ambiance but also allowed Halo Aesthetics to showcase its diverse offerings in a visually cohesive manner. Branded brochures and custom signage highlighting featured services adorned the space, ensuring every touchpoint conveyed the clinic’s dedication to personalized and avant-garde beauty experiences.

To ensure the clinic felt truly unique, we implemented custom signage throughout the space. Each treatment room featured personalized signs enhanced with soothing ambient lighting, creating an individualized and calming atmosphere for clients. Interactive signage, strategically placed, highlighted ongoing promotions, educated clients about treatments, and showcased the latest advancements in aesthetics, inviting clients to engage with the clinic’s dynamic offerings.

The rebranding of Halo Aesthetics in Milton Keynes transcended mere visual transformation; it marked a holistic rejuvenation of the clinic’s identity and client experience. The meticulously crafted branding, spanning from the logo to the interior decor and custom signage, has successfully positioned Halo Aesthetics as a trailblazer in the aesthetics industry. The clinic now stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic rebranding, where creativity and identity converge to redefine the very essence of beauty, wellness, and client-centered care in the heart of Milton Keynes.