Branding and design

GC Couture brand

Helping tell the story of luxury confectionary and decadent cake collections for a Mayfair based business.

GC Couture brand stripes and logo
Illustration created for luxury cake company gc couture
Various design and print work created for the gc couture brand
Side of van graphics created, printed and installed for luxury cake company gc couture by Toy Creative

We work with GC Couture to help showcase their incredible displays of confectionary wonders, and deliver there brand into the patisserie market space. We shoot their premium collections in eccentric London locations , deliver the brands TOV and provide a range of marketing services to keep the brand looking exciting and showcase their innovation in the industry.

Branded stickers and bespoke illustration created for the GC couture brand by Toy Creative
Printed signage for Harrods department store for the GC Couture display area by Toy Creative
Printed bags and bespoke kids illustrations created for the GC Couture brand by Toy Creative
Mobile phones with graphics and design showing new photos taken for the GC Couture website
More about this project

GC Couture is a luxury cake brand situated in Mayfair, London with a renowned reputation for excellence and impeccable dedication to their craft. They cater for five star wedding venues and prestige hotels, as well as brides, grooms and planners who are looking for luxury, top-level cake design for exquisite weddings and events looking for a touch of the extravagant.

Under the creative guidance of their Creative Director, the GC Couture team create contemporary and modern cake displays that are proven to impress their audiences. Time, care and expertise go into each and every cake, we work with the team to help tell their story through photoshoots and various marketing elements. The brand is full of charm and character, so we ensure that each shoot and project we undertake with the team represents their style and calibre of work.

The quality is recognised by some of the most premium locations in London and around the world. The team have a regular signature display location in Harrods Food hall, the displays of which we photograph for them on each occasion. We shoot and record the unveiling and the final displays using high end Leica camera equipment, a full studio setup (in and around the catering team on locations!) and a creative approach to capture the confectionary in the right way.