Rebrand, signage and brand campaign

Barbarian Grill

Identity and campaign designed for the slow-cooker champions at this smokey killer griller

Barbarian Gill logo redesing by Toy Creative
Key assets and elements created as part of the brand identity for barbarian grill
Custom branded wooden board for barbarian grill rebrand by Toy Creative
Barbarian Grill Food truck
Barbarian Grill Food truck2
Brand wall of colours, typography and assets for barbarian grill redesign by Toy Creative
Illustration style and designs as part of the brand identity created for Barbarian gill by Toy Creative
Idea behind logo and brand redesign for barbarian grill
Master advertising campaign layouts for barbarian grill rebrand by Toy Creative
Bus advert and 6sheet advertising campaign for barbarian grill rebrand by Toy Creative
Printed branded tshirt and street signage for barbarian grill rebrand by Toy Creative
Tabletop adverts for restaurant for barbarian grill rebrand by Toy Creative
Social media example layouts created for barbarian grill rebrand by Toy Creative
More about this project

In the heart of Wooburn Green, our design studio embarked on an exhilarating journey to create a new brand identity for The Wild Eaters at Barbarian Grill. Our mission was to capture the essence of adventure, excitement, and unbridled passion for food. Through an edgy and fun rebrand, we aimed to ignite a sense of culinary exploration, encouraging people to embrace their wild side and make eating an exhilarating experience.

To effectively capture the spirit of The Wild Eaters, our design team immersed themselves in the essence of the brand. We spent time getting to know the unique personality of Barbarian Grill, their bold flavours, and the immersive dining experience they provided. By diving deep into their culinary world, we gained valuable insights into their target audience, their aspirations, and the untamed energy that permeated their establishment.

Armed with inspiration, we embarked on the concept development phase. We sought to create a brand identity that would evoke a sense of excitement, adventure, and playfulness. Our aim was to transform the act of eating into a wild and thrilling experience, challenging conventional notions and inviting people to embrace their primal instincts.

At the heart of the rebranding effort was the creation of a captivating logo. We wanted a visual symbol that would embody the edgy and fun spirit of their wild eaters. Drawing inspiration from elements of nature and wilderness, we crafted a logo featuring a bold, stylised animal silhouette, instilling a sense of primal energy and curiosity. The typography was designed with dynamic and rugged letterforms to further enhance the brand’s edginess and playfulness.

Building upon the logo, we carefully curated a colour palette that reflected the untamed nature of The Wild Eaters. Vibrant hues such as fiery reds, deep greens, and earthy browns were selected to evoke a sense of adventure, passion, and natural elements. The typography, with its bold and expressive style, added to the overall wild and fun aesthetic, creating a cohesive visual language that resonated with the brand’s essence.

Visual Language and Collateral Design: To extend the brand identity beyond the logo, we developed a cohesive visual language that encompassed various marketing materials. Illustrations of wild animals, vibrant patterns inspired by nature, and energetic graphic elements were carefully crafted to amplify the brand’s adventurous personality. This visual language was applied across menus, signage, merchandise, and digital platforms, creating a consistent and immersive experience for The Wild Eaters’ customers.

Recognising the importance of a captivating online presence, we designed a visually engaging and user-friendly website for The Wild Eaters. Embracing the edgy and fun rebrand, the website showcased mouth-watering visuals, immersive storytelling, and interactive elements. By integrating social media platforms and encouraging user-generated content, we fostered a sense of community and excitement, making eating on the wild side a shared experience.

The rebranding journey for The Wild Eaters at Barbarian Grill was a thrilling adventure in itself. Through a deep understanding of their essence, our design studio successfully crafted an edgy and fun brand identity that entices people to embrace their wild side and make eating a thrilling experience. From the captivating logo to the carefully selected colours, typography, and collateral design, every element was meticulously created to ignite a sense of culinary exploration. The new brand identity has positioned The Wild Eaters as a haven for food enthusiasts seeking an unconventional and unforgettable dining experience, making every meal an adventure to remember.