Branding, design and signage

Adsum Aesthetics

Creating an exciting new brand identity for this cosmetic practice that’s all about inspiring confidence.

Adsum Aesthetics core new logo design created by Toy Creative
Adsum Aesthetics logo and emblem design variations
Adsum Aesthetics icon design and variations created by Toy Creative
Adsum Aesthetics branding package and merchandising design

Adsum Aesthetics wanted to launch themselves into the aesthetics market with a simple message of confidence. The team pride themselves on working with their clients to achieve the look they want in their skincare regime. It all starts with a consultation, here the team get to understand what their client is looking for, and what their goals are with their aesthetics. The team needed a brand identity that represented everything that achieving these goals gave to their clients. We created a logo that felt modern, but visualised the freedom felt when you’re happy with what’s on the outside.

The identity resulted in a mix of all equally important elements to the brand’s message. A bold & refined colour palette, confident and authentic model choices along with a simple yet bespoke writing system.

The project consisted of clinical signage, POS displays, print and digital work to help bring the brand to market.

Adsum Aesthetics visual identity system layouts
Adsum Aesthetics press advert designs by toy creative
Adsum Aesthetics envelope branding and photo id badges created by toy creative
Adsum Aesthetics examples of creative writing by toy creative
Adsum Aesthetics printed tote bag and drinking flask merchandise
Brand guidelines created for new Adsum Aesthetics brand launch
Adsum Aesthetics leaflet design and notebook design by toy creative
Collection of branded merchandise bags and elements for Adsum Aesthetics by toy creative
More about this project

Adsum Aesthetics embarked on a mission to carve a niche in the competitive aesthetics market, armed with a potent yet straightforward message: confidence. Central to their ethos was a commitment to partnering with their clients on their skincare journey, ensuring that every individual attained the desired results. At the heart of this process lay the pivotal consultation stage, where the Adsum Aesthetics team delved deep into understanding their clients’ aspirations and objectives regarding their aesthetics.

From their clinic HQ in Amersham (England) the team needed a brand that felt in keeping with the towns chic, stylish area whilst standing out from the competition. In crafting the brand identity, the aim was to encapsulate the essence of the transformative journey towards self-assurance and contentment with one’s appearance. The logo, a cornerstone of this identity, was meticulously designed to exude a sense of modernity while visually symbolising the liberation and empowerment that accompanies achieving outer beauty congruent with inner satisfaction.

The comprehensive project encompassed various facets crucial for the successful launch and establishment of the brand in the market. From the sleek and professional clinical signage that beckoned clients into their space to the strategically placed POS displays that showcased their range of offerings, every element was thoughtfully curated to resonate with the target audience. Print materials served as tangible extensions of the brand’s narrative, while digital platforms provided a dynamic avenue for engaging with clients and amplifying their presence.

Through a harmonious blend of physical and digital touchpoints, Adsum Aesthetics emerged as more than just a skincare destination; it became a beacon of empowerment, guiding individuals towards embracing their unique beauty with confidence and grace.