Outdoor printing

Outdoor signage is a service we’re often consulted on. Having the prefect balance of creative and execution make a big difference in first impressions. There are two things to make sure the signage is bold, clear and survives the elements.

Redmi Note 11 westfield display advert

Before deciding on the material or printing finishes, it’s integral to make sure the messaging is clear and communicates what is needed. Theres a few tips you can follow to make sure the signage does the job.

  1. Positioning
    Where is the sign going? Does it need to capture road-users, or are you targeting those on foot? This can be a great Segway to create a message with an emotional attachment (for example: “stop by for a coffee before work!”)
  2. Intent
    Is your shop hard to find? You may be new kids on the block and need to let people know you’re there. This will affect the messaging, size and functionality of what the sign says.
  3. Tone of voice
    If your brand has a method of speaking, or a tone of voice then signage is a great way to inject personality or brand assets. “Pop in for a coffee” speaks very differently to “Time for a fix?”.

There are numerous other considerations when designing for outdoor wayfinding, but Toy Creative are well versed and happy to help advise on the best practices, or with help on the points above. 

Once you have the messaging, it’s time to consider the material.

Printing options

From dibond to Perspex, acrylic and direct application vinyl- how the sign is printed and installed is the next stage of the process. Depending on the placement and conditions of where you’re signage lives, there are a number of methods to print the graphic and achieve the results you need.

  1. Dibond – Strong and longlasting (see more here https://www.display.3acomposites.com/dibond/)
  2. Foamex – Great for mid to long term placements
  3. Vinyl – mailable and affordable
  4. Fabric – bold, long lasting and great for colour rich graphics
  5. Lightbox graphics – often bespoke, but can be backlit to add vigour to signage 
  6. PVC – durable and great for temporary sites or locations without a fixed position

Toy Creative offer a range of printable signage options to bring your locations to life. If you’d like to talk through a project or just some advice, speak to our friendly team.