Gym wall decal experience

Toy Creative worked with The Foundry to install a range of graphics for their rebrand across their London gyms. At one site it was discovered that a slightly different paint texture to other locations. This is a great example of how having a range of printed materials mean that no placement is compromised. 

The initial decal

The initial installation involved a strong adhesive based wall vinyl perfect for achieving long term results. The graphic looked bold and helped reinforce the new branding with this touchpoint. Sadly over time, the adhesive found itself unable to maintain the purchase on the powered wall paint and looked work for wear on the second week. 

Brickwrap vinyl

Thought slightly more expensive, brick wrap vinyl is an extremely versatile material that allows you to brand the most fickle wall spaces. The new graphic is secured, and allows some great elements of the wall texture to come through too. This helps with the binding of the adhesion and the aesthetics of the graphic.