Dichroic colour changing vinyl

Dichroic vinyl is a visually striking vinyl material that (if used correctly) can produce really unique effects. 

  • Colour alternates between beautiful deep colours depending on the angle you view it from
  • Premium grade polyester film is scratch resistant and very durable for application
  • Much more affordable than the actual Dichroic glass

Toy Creative worked with the team at Secret Surgeries to create a bespoke shop front in Northwood that really stands out. By cutting sheets of the vinyl and applying it to the internal areas of the glass windows the reflective effect creates a suite of different coloured windows. They change depending on the time of the day, the angle of viewing and the light that strikes the glass too. Since they’re fitted internally, it’s easy to keep them clean and makes the windows really pop. 


To make sure the shop windows didn’t clash with any other elements, we based the rest of the branding on solid colours and the equivalent gradient in a four colour print process.

The shop front looks incredible, and the material is a great consideration to those that like the effect.