Branding with identity

Toy Creative have designed brands for clients in a range of sectors. Part of what gives their projects the results they see is due to their personal approach. A brand is essentially what people say about your company when you’re not in the room. It’s a representation of what you do. An identifiable symbol of your signature service or product that people associate with an emotion. This simple positioning isn’t a science though. Not something that can be replicated by the mindless partnering AI offers. Nor the result of a quick search on Google for the solution. 

It’s a gut-feeling. If this is done authentically, it amplifies every effort the brand makes. It stops it being a simple emblem or crest and becomes something people believe in. 

Our process

Discovering what makes your brand unique is fundamental to set yourself apart and finding that emotional advantage is what we do best at Toy Creative. 

Check out some of our branding examples to discover how we found the emotional advantage each time:


A geometric symbol of quality in landscaping

Hortlands master logo design

Home Roots

Celebrating home cooked nostalgia with a twist of modernism

Food packaging and brand illustration created for the rebrand

The Art Gallery

A quaint illustrative motif for this high street gallery 

The Art gallery new logo with brand colours

Knead Neapolitan pizza

Dough inspired typography for a responsible pizza team

Different colour and branded printed pizza boxes for the brands new logo