About us


We keep things simple We're a creative team of people, bonded through our love of all things well made.

Our approach is straightforward. We offer creativity in everything we do, and we do everything from start to finish. Our brand is a hybrid of both creative firepower and printing excellence. We created the company with a view to create inspirational work from start to finish.

We start at the heart, getting to understand our brands needs and getting to work on creating authentic, innovative solutions. 

Websites Launched
New Brands Created
Takeaways Ordered

Everything. Done well.

Rob and Jamie started Toy Creative under a united goal to provide cutting edge creative from start to finish whilst having fun along the way.

Having experience from both the creative and the production elements of the industry, Toy Creative couldn't find it's place on the grid. We found that providers often focused on offering just one aspect of the process. Toy prides itself on supporting ideas from start to finish. From the pages of sketches and late evenings of concepts through to the gristle and graft of a rainy day installation, we love what we do, and we want to see it across the line as much as we can. Our flexible model means we can offer a tactical service for the areas you need, or stand behind you and deliver projects with our craft at every stage of the journey.

Meet the Team

We're inquistive.

Collectively, we're well versed in so many industries. Our client experience has given us incredible insight into different trends and combines with a  knowledge of business that help us achieve success in our projects. It takes a curious but disciplined mind to know the difference between a 'kibble' and a 'bit'! We demonstrate a growing enthusiasm to always learn more.

We're collaborative.

All our clients have direct contact with our Creative Director, Operations Director and the design team. We love working together, with both our clients and each other. Whilst there's a controlled process involved in the creative journey, we encourage ideas from anyone and anywhere and this open approach keeps everyone involved and the momentum going.

KISS is key.

Simple is clever. We understand that in order to make things simple, it involves understanding exactly how difficult problems are. The best ideas work because they touch us at a basic level we can all relate to. In order to do this, we make every aspect of our projects as simple as possible.

We're experienced.

Our clients work directly with our experienced team on every project. This means that we optimise the skill sets of each person at every opportunity, from creative direction through to strategy and project management.


Simon, Owner, Knead Neapolitan Pizza
“We approached Toy Creative to help us to revamp our branding and we were blown away by the level of detail and professionalism that went into it. From their initial presentation to the final product - which included bespoke calligraphy work - we couldn’t have been more impressed. We continue to work with Jamie and Rob and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.”
Moji, Owner, Moji Hairdressers
“I have absolutely no intention of going anywhere else for my design work. Toy are a focused team that always land on target with my brand. I’ve been given priceless advice, focused creative work and offer an amazing strategic mindset to everything I throw at them. Get these guys round your table and you wont be disappointed”
Ben, Managing Director, Hortlands
“Toy Creative have completely transformed Hortlands for the better. We approached them with a re-brand in mind and they have delivered above and beyond at every stage of the project. The service and the creativity we have received from start to finish has been outstanding. From designing our new logo, sign writing our van fleet, branding our uniform, right through to building and designing our website, the Toy team have listened to our requirements and delivered beyond expectation consistently. Without any doubt, myself and my team would recommend Toy Creative to anyone looking to employ a creative agency for any job, big or small.”
Sepehr, Key accounts, Xiaomi
“These guys are more than just a creative power,
they’re genuinely passionate and excellent at what
they do. You wont find a better partner."
Ben, Owner, L & P Removals
“Toy Creative are awesome to work with. They always go above and beyond to produce the best work for their clients and I’m very happy to be one of them. They’re an important part of our what we do and work hard to support us and make themselves part of the family. We started as a small business, and they have proven themselves to be a reliable and dependable team to work with."
Kia, Principle Dentist, Novocare
“Nothing gets past this team. They’re the best team we’ve worked with hands-down. They don’t just create amazing, provocative work, they take the time to educate us along the way. As a result we’ve had worldclass creative excellence and now understand what defines brilliant design. Jamie and Rob are a pleasure to work with, and I recommend them to anyone I can”