10 Illustration tips for branding

Illustration is a powerful tool in the world of branding. Toy Creative work with a huge range of illustrators to create bespoke visuals whenever the brand requires it. There’s a few things to consider when creating a suite or style of illustrations when developing a brand identity that features them. 

  1. How is it useful for the brand
  2. Learn the brand
  3. What illustrations are needed and what for
  4. Find a flexible style
  5. Establish any essential things the illustrations must do
  6. Ask yourself how it’s would animate
  7. Consider vector and flat images
  8. Remember the brand colours
  9. Create rules around the style for consistency
  10. 10. Consider developing a suite that can serve multiple processes

Lastly, whilst it’s a effective method to communicate messaging for a brand, it’s important to get right. Some projects may not have the financial scope to create these in their infancy. Consider if they are truly essential to what the brands tactics are, even at an early stag